Scheduling a date with me is the very best gift you can give me! I enjoy the attention .  The second best gift is to continue seeing me.  O.k, if you insist on bringing me something, here are a few of my favorites:

I love body creams and lotions, bath oils, chocolates, fresh fruit, exotic cheeses, Fireball Whisky, flowers and potted living plants.

Amazon is my favorite place to shop. 
AMAZON(a giftcard can be sent via email within 15 minutes)

NEIMAN MARCUS Virtual Gift Card (they email within the next business day to the email address you provide)

Nordstrom has beautiful clothes, shoes and boots. A giftcard can be sent via email.

The BEST body cream! "Royal Extract" in the refill jar as I have several of the silver lids to replace the simple one with. 

This cream is also sold at Lady Primrose(Crescent Court) in Dallas.

Thanks for looking. I hope it has helped those of you who ask what you can bring to me or send me afterwards.  Any other requests?