Showing Your Appreciation

I am quite selective in whom I see. Limiting my encounters assures you that I'm mentally refreshed and physically relaxed when we meet~~ and, most importantly, genuinely excited to spend time with you! 

Priority scheduling for returning friends. 

I prefer longer dates, especially in the evening~ relaxing, sensuous, complete.  It allows us plenty of time to enjoy each other and all the wonderful little nuances, as well as getting lost in our pleasure. Let time and space disappear.

Private time at my private gated incall or at your hotel or residence:
900 = 3 HOUR ESCAPE 

DINNER DATE (Public outing, followed by private time):
This is a date that begins with a meal in public giving us time to get comfortable together and get to know each other, letting our attraction and connection develop, and progresses at a natural pace through intimate time together back at your place or mine. This feels like a real date (without the question "Will she or won't she?").

For longer Engagements please send me the details.
For example:

Honeymoon Experience (multi-day)

National (Fly me to you!) (I provide my own airfare)
International - Have passport. Will travel :)
Email me with additional details.

A recent review says: "Book as long as possible. Trust me!"

I also have some amazing girlfriends for a "Menage a' Trois" date (threesome).

Write to me: [email protected]


"How do I handle the payment?"
If we are meeting in public, please hand me a gift bag containing the payment.  If we meet in private, place it in an envelope in plain view as soon as I enter your home or room or as soon as you enter mine.  Part of being discreet means that neither of us should discuss money.  If I don't see the gift within a few minutes of meeting you, I will have to cancel the date rather than asking for payment.  I'm sorry but I am extremely "risk averse."  Aren't you?

"Can I bring you a gift such as flowers or wine?"
"I meant to leave a tip. Can I send one to you at a post office box?"
 Since entering this secret world I have seen "Wishlists" on many ladies' sites and thought they seemed strange since we are already being well compensated. But now I really believe gentlemen who want to bring something extra (or send something after our date) appreciate some guidance. By request, I've added a "Wishlist" tab to the top of this page.

Dallas Escort
Dallas Elite Escort
Soft, flexible, accommodating, eager to please and be pleased.